Call for Submissions | Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 2021 annual meeting

Please join the annual AOGS meeting this year at session “IG17: Novel Approaches to Constructing Multidisciplinary Geoscientific Models and Understanding Their Uncertainty”.

The importance of diverse sources of data and knowledge is well recognized in the geosciences. Using multiple datasets across multiple scales is mandatory for many studies due to the sparsity of observation points in nature. Any kind of understanding about the deeper structure of the Earth needs to be inferred from geophysical data and supported by geological, geochemical and petrophysical surface observations. The interpreted structure of the Earth must also be reconciled with a plausible tectonic history. The sparsity of observation combined with aleatory uncertainties in geoscientific data mean that our predictions of the subsurface and its history cannot be restricted to a single model.

Recent work has explored how such uncertainties in 4D can impact the predictive power of geoscientific models, ranging from 3D applications, mineral prospectivity, hydrogeology and borehole analyses. The advent of data science and efficient computation has opened a productive avenue of research using machine learning, deep learning, Bayesian inference and Monte Carlo techniques to augment traditional methods in inversion, multivariate analysis and 1/2/3/4D interpolation.

This session aims to disseminate recent advances by:

  • presenting experiences, case studies and method development from experimentation to application;
  • discussing recent failures, their solution and suggesting future directions for this broad field of the geosciences.

Contributions are welcome from all geoscientific disciplines that contribute to the generation of models and acknowledgement of uncertainty in their predictions. Emphasis is placed on innovative techniques and novel perspectives to provide perspective solutions and map a path forward to enable multidisciplinary and multiscale models that more accurate describe the beauty and complex nature of the Earth.

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Submit your amazing abstract here. Deadline has been extended to 9 March 2021.

Link to session list (you need to find session “IG17”)