Comment on CSIRO’s 2022 Global Megatrends Report

Our Future World, a once-in-a-decade global megatrends report by CSIRO, identifies seven pathways to the challenges and opportunities that will shape our future in the next twenty years. Amongst the seven megatrends are: Adapting to Climate Change; Leaner, Cleaner and Greener; and Increasingly Autonomous.

The multidisciplinary work we do at DARE with our industry partners applies Data Science to manage Australian resources and environment in the domains of Water, Minerals and Biodiversity. The skills and knowledge from our HDR candidates align strongly with the research needs around the reported megatrends, and we envision them to be part of the future solutions.

“The report asks some serious questions on how we respond to the trends in Climate Change, pressures on resources and biodiversity and how we best harness the power of AI and data to provide equitable solutions for our society. Developing new Data Science based methodologies to deal with these trends is paramount, and uncertainty quantification will be a vital element of this. The future is uncertain, and analyses will always be shy of perfect, but by embracing and harnessing uncertainty, we can make better decisions for our future.

DARE Director
Assoc. Prof. Willem Vervoort

Photo by Ben White