DARE Celebrates Talent for National Science Week

National Science Week (12-20 August) aims to celebrate talents and achievements across science, innovation, mathematics, engineering and technology, as well as demonstrate the relevance of these fields to our daily lives, the wellbeing of society and the environmentally sustainable growth of our economy.

We embraced this opportunity to celebrate the incredible talents and achievements of the DARE cohort and how they are using Data Science to improve the informed decision-making needed for the management of Australian resources and the environment. Over the week we featured many of our PhD candidates and one research fellow on social media.

PhD candidate, Maryam, is using data science techniques to inform on managing extreme events, such as algal blooms and floods, while Sam is using Bayesian statistics and applied mathematics to model plumes of sea water droplets.

Maria is using machine learning to help inform decisions about the coexistence of natural resource exploration and subterranean fauna in the Pilbara (Western Australia).

Vihanga uses Data Science techniques to forecast potential species declines in Australia and Ratneel is using machine learning and Generative AI to analyse benthic imagery to unlock the secrets of the underwater world.

Dilani is using Data Science to identify factors that can predict extreme rainfall and how these factors depend on geographical location.

Research Fellow, Monica, specialises in applying and adapting network embedding and analysis techniques in resource and environment management.

We’re very proud of the talents and achievements of all DARE PhD candidates, Research Fellows and Research Engineers and it was fantastic to share some highlights for National Science Week!