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Slide backgroundDARE Research HubDeveloping novel data science methods to support industry in solving complex environmental challengesGroundbreaking data science
Uniting industry partners, domain experts and data scientists enabling cross-domain and cross-disciplinary collaborationMultidisciplinary collaborationDARE Research Hub

Continuing the DARE Centre’s legacy, the DARE Research Hub will develop novel Data Science to support industry in solving complex environmental challenges.

We aim to empower industry partners to understand, quantify and contextualise uncertainty using data science, driving evidence-based decisions to safeguard Australia’s natural resources.


The DARE Research Hub is a bid under development which will be submitted to the Australian Research Council in November 2024 for funding support.

The Industrial Transformation Research Hub leverages on the success and proven track record of the ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE) funded in 2020.

The world-leading Training Centre is addressing the high demand for data science skills in the resource sector and is developing groundbreaking data science methodologies for uncertainty quantification in the environment through strategic industry collaborations.


  • Opportunity to address key industry challenges in collaboration with data scientists and domain experts
  • Collaborate with an experienced and passionate team with expertise across mathematics, statistics, computer science and the resource sector
  • Focus on co-designed research projects collaborating across disciplines and domains, working closely with data custodians to build interpretable and trustworthy models
  • Work with our dedicated research translation team who will amplify the impact across the industry


The DARE team have a proven track record of leveraging the benefits of data science methodologies applied to natural resource and environmental challenges, across the domains of water, minerals and biodiversity.

Detecting Streamflow Trends
Global Fishing Index
Probabilistic Geophysical Inversions
Uncertainty in Data-Driven Models
Where is all the Water?
NSW Aridity Index


Through co-designed research projects, we are dedicated to address critical challenges at the intersection of data science, resource management and environmental sustainability, including:

Lots of data, but little information

Not using uncertainty in decisions – towards reducing uncertainty

Not able to capture change due to uncertainty in data and methods

Lack of data and model provenance in relation to uncertainty

Complex to maintain and update numerical models


Jan – May 2024  ⇒  Industry partner and university partner meetings

May – Jul 2024  ⇒  Research program development

August 2024  ⇒  Research program confirmed

Aug – Oct 2024  ⇒  Commitment from partners and proposal writing

November 2024  ⇒  Application submission

September 2025  ⇒  Application outcome received

January 2026  ⇒  DARE Research Hub commences operation


We are currently developing our application and are seeking industry collaborators of varying sizes and types, ranging from startups to established multinational corporations.

If you are interested in engaging with our Research Hub to co-design innovative and transformative solutions to industry challenges – across the Australian Government priority areas of environmental change, soil and water, and resources – we would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss potential collaboration.

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