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DARE 2023 Symposium

The Refectory Science Road, University of Sydney

The ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments will be showcasing work from our multidisciplinary, world-class data scientists and collaborations with partner organisations.

DARE Seminar Series (Online)

Multi-disciplinarity in Mathematical & Computational tools Abstract Dr Portes will be talking about his multi-disciplinary scientific career and experience, connecting everything into a coherent narrative under the umbrella concept of "data science". Specifically, it is a story about the development, adaptation and application of mathematical/computational...

DARE Seminar Series (Online)

Statistical Models to Incorporate Heterogeneity in Spatio-temporal Prediction by Clara Grazian Abstract Dirichlet processes and their extensions have reached great popularity in Bayesian nonparametric statistics. They have also been introduced for spatial and spatio-temporal data, as a tool to analyse and predict surfaces.   A...