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DARE 2023 Symposium

The Refectory Science Road, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

The ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments will be showcasing work from our multidisciplinary, world-class data scientists and collaborations with partner organisations.

Hacky Hour – Parallel Programming I: Message Passing

ATP Biomedical Building

The Message Passing session will introduce parallel programming for distributed memory environments. Key topics such as data transfer, process synchronisation, blocking vs non-blocking communication, collective operations and barriers will be covered. The material will arm you with the skills for adapting your own computing projects, to cluster or other high performance computing platforms.

Hacky Hour – Parallel Programming II: Explicit Multithreading

ATP Biomedical Building

The Explicit Multithreading session will introduce parallel programming for shared memory environments. Threaded programming topics such as forks and joins, mutexes, deadlocks and condition variables will be covered. The session will help you turbo-boost your computing work on multicore computing systems.

Hacky Hour – Parallel Programming III: Implicit Multithreading

ATP Biomedical Building

The Implicit Multithreading session will explore high-level distributed memory parallel programming. Techniques for thread spawning and management will be covered, including pragmas, synchronisation, threaded environment variables, etc. The material will be especially relevant to accelerating applications where fine-grained parallelisation control is unnecessary.

Data Challenge: Parallelising Gravitational Soil Water Transport

ATP Biomedical Building

The Parallel Programming series will culminate in a data challenge to apply the skills you have learned! In the challenge, you will apply parallel programming techniques to optimising a computational problem in soil water dynamics.

DARE 2024 Symposium

The University of Sydney Business School, Room 2140 Abercrombie Building H70, Corner Abercrombie Street and Codrington St, Darlington, NSW, Australia

You're invited to the DARE Symposium showcasing work from our multidisciplinary, world-class data scientists!

DARE Seminar: Three Ways of Thinking About ENSO

DARE HQ, Biomedical Building 1 Central Avenue, South Eveleigh

You're invited to join us in person at DARE HQ for this DARE Seminar, followed by networking and nibbles! The event will also be streamed on Zoom for those who are unable to join in person. We'll hear from Dr Nandini Ramesh, Senior Research Scientist in...

DARE SEMINAR SERIESFortnightly on Tuesdays

Join DARE’s Seminar Series to hear from experts about applications of statistical and data science methods to DARE’s core domains – water, minerals and biodiversity. Our Seminars run every fortnight on Tuesdays and you can find the program for 2024 here.