Field Trip for Llara Landscape Rehydration Project

Earlier this month, DARE PhD candidates, Arpit and Rajitha, spent a few days in the field at Narrabri with DARE Director, Prof Willem Vervoort.

As part of the Landscape Rehydration Project in Llara, the team enjoyed the hands-on experience, collecting biomass data and capturing drone images for biomass mapping.

Taking advantage of their common interest in hydrology, Willem, Arpit and Rajitha also visited a number of gauging stations on the Namoi River to get a better appreciation of the uncertainties related to the data collection.

In their previous visit to the University of Sydney’s farm in Llara, the DARE team were involved in capturing drone imagery, soil and pasture sampling and soil moisture meter calibration.

In collaboration with the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, the project team aim to strengthen the knowledge around landscape rehydration and resilience with their research at the farm.

The team are working with the regenerative agriculture network in northwest NSW, including landholders delivering landscape rehydration research, by capturing and analysing hyperspectral drone imagery, soil and pasture sampling, gauging soil moisture, and more.