Why are we different?

One of the aims of the DARE health theme is to change this paradigm by identifying key areas to showcase the value of harnessing this vast amount data into knowledge facilitating data-driven decisions that will drive change. As a multidisciplinary institute, DARE is well placed to achieve this goal.

Co-led by DARE Health Theme Leaders, Drs Charmaine Tam and Aldo Saavedra, have formed strong partnerships with stake holders at various levels within the health system spanning clinicians actively treating patients, clinical analytic units within hospitals, service providers, health executives and government health departments.

The strong partnerships allow for us to:

  • Identify and articulate high priority needs that can be addressed with the data that can be readily applied and translated within and across the domain.
  • Minimise the uncertainty and mis-interpretation of data within the EHR to ensure the data models are being built with the correct information and interpretation.

The strong partnerships allow for them to:

  • Have the expertise to develop complex and flexible models using novel techniques not traditionally available to answer questions and provide insight.
  • Access experts in applied health data projects as well the centre’s extensive experience in the application of data science and capability to generate new methodology as required.