New Research Project with WaterNSW: Streamflow Trends

The DARE team are excited to begin a new project in collaboration with WaterNSW to detect trends in streamflow using probabilistic approaches.

WaterNSW has an important statutory role to protect and enhance the quality and quantity of water in declared catchment areas. This new project aims to help more accurately calculate the surface water losses experienced in mining impacted catchments in the Metropolitan Special Areas.

The DARE team, including Prof Willem Vervoort, Dr Katie Silversides, Dr Josh Simmons and PhD candidate Rajitha Athukorala, will work with WaterNSW Water Quality Program Manager, Lisa Hamilton, and her colleagues to see if streamflow analysis can be used to improve understanding of surface water losses experienced in mining impacted catchments.

The researchers will use more advanced data analytics methods such as Bayesian Generalised Additive Modelling, to assess and quantify streamflow trends.

Sophisticated data science capability guided by industry and domain experts gives DARE and WaterNSW the best opportunity to cut through the uncertainty and come up with rigorous conclusions.