Chief Investigator


Dr Aldo Saavedra (University of Sydney)


Dr Aldo Saavedra joined the University of Sydney in 2007, following fellowships at The University of Glasgow and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His key international research experience includes working on two ground breaking experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): ATLAS and LHCb. Both experiments were located at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. His research involved the analysis of the large datasets (around 100 Terabytes) composed of selected proton-proton collisions recorded by the experiment using state of the art software and advanced statistical techniques.

Dr Saavedra’s key expertise involves:

  • Analytic and problem solving skills within tight schedules.
  • Management of multidisciplinary teams in a multicultural and multilingual environment.
  • Software development experience to solve a variety of tasks.
  • Big data analytics with mathematical models and machine learning algorithms.
  • Prototyping hardware and R&D.
  • Mentoring and supervising, junior staff, postgraduate students, engineers and technicians.
  • Experience with programming languages such as C/C++ (gcc and visual C/C++), python (libraries such as numpy, scipy), fortran, perl, html, shell scripting (bash), Matlab, and code management tools such as svn and git.
  • Experience with a number of software packages to visualise, analyse large datasets and perform statistics such as ROOT and RooFit, Mathematica and the full suite of Microsoft Office applications.