Chief Investigator


Professor David I Warton (University of New South Wales)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Master of Arts (Mathematical Statistics)
PhD (Ecological Statistics)

David Warton is a Highly Cited Researcher at the interface between data science and ecology. At the University of Sydney, he completed an Honours project in plant ecology and a coursework Masters degree in statistics, before doing a PhD at the interface between the two at Macquarie University.

Since 2003 David has had an academic appointment at UNSW, where he leads the Eco-Stats group and has attracted over $4M in competitive research project funding.  His cross-disciplinary research involves evaluating the methods for data analysis currently used in ecology, and where necessary, developing new methodologies to assist ecologists answer key research questions, with a special focus on multivariate techniques that can be used to understand ecological communities, and point process models that can be used in species distribution modelling.  David is also the founding director of Stats Central, the UNSW statistical consulting and collaboration unit.