Partner Investigator


Dr Don McCallum (NSW Smart Sensing Network)

Bachelor of Engineering, Systems, Mechanical, Materials, Electrical
PhD, Engineering

Don is the Development Manager for the NSW Smart Sensing Network, responsible for business development and engagement with key government and industry stakeholders. He has led multi-million dollar sensing projects for the water and recycling industries.

Prior to the NSSN, Don spent six years in Africa and the Middle-East in project coordination, strategy and technology in extreme environments and emergencies for the NGO Medecines Sans Frontiers.

Don has a wealth of experience working with manufacturing and advanced materials for mines, refineries and laboratories. He started 3D printing Braille in 1999 in a role that gave him a taste of research and working for a humanitarian cause. After completing his PhD in 2005, he spent a few years with the high tech printing firm, Xaar, before moving on to bio-engineering and 3D printing at the University of Wollongong.

Don McCallum