PhD Candidate


Fabian Leal (University of UWA)

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Master of Operations Management

Fabian is a DARE PhD student at the University of Western Australia.

He completed a Masters degree in Operations Research at the University of Chile, where his research consisted of applying mathematical programming to spatial conservation planning (SCP), a branch of ecology traditionally focused on strategically selecting the best areas for biodiversity conservation in a territory that, in recent years, has started to also take into consideration ecosystem services. Fabian formulated the first mixed integer programming (MIP) model capable of incorporating these additional variables, and applied it to the Daly River, in Australia, besting state-of-the-art heuristic Marxan with Zones’ results.

Throughout his career, he has worked as a data analytics consultant in the workforce management B2B firm SCM LATAM, applying his knowledge in statistics and data science to solve the company’s business problems and complement its services.

Fabian wishes to resume applying his mathematical background to resources and environments, and has joined DARE to continue learning data science techniques to do so. His current focus is on developing machine learning methods and statistical approaches that are capable of capturing uncertainty and ambiguity in data and models to improve decision making in the mining sector.