Partner Investigator


Jeremy Black (NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment)

Bachelor of Natural Resources, Hydrology & Landscape Management

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Natural Resources from the University of New England and specialised in hydrological modelling. After initially working in groundwater management research for the Hunter Valley Research Foundation, he began his long public service career in 1984 as a soil conservationist at Narrabri in the north west  of NSW for the NSW Soil Conservation Service.

After a number of years advising landholders on soil conservation and erosion control measures he developed a suite of computer programs to streamline the design and construction of earthworks for erosion protection. This led to a lifelong career in computer programming, spatial analysis and remote sensing technologies.

He is currently the Director of Remote Sensing and Landscape Science with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and heads up a diverse team of specialist scientists and researchers delivering a range of products and services in remote sensing analysis and vegetation modelling and mapping, landcover monitoring and biodiversity information. He lives in Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW.

Jeremy Black