Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Dr Katie Silversides

Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours(Geology and Geophysics; Chemistry)
PhD (Geology)

Katie completed her PhD in geology in 2014 at The University of Sydney. From 2014 – 2022 she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation. She worked on the banded iron formation (BIF) hosted iron ore deposits of Western Australia’s Hammersley region, with the goal to increase the rate of ore boundary updates and improve geological mine models. Her work focused on applying machine learning to provide quick, automated or semi-automated processing of the relevant geological or geophysical data.

Katie has expertise in applying machine learning techniques to a range of data sources in classification and regression problems. Her work included providing measurements of uncertainty for these outputs.

Katie’s current multi-domain research dives into geology and hydrology projects, focusing on missing data, uncertainty and model selection.