Partner Investigator


Dr Kendra Travaille (Minderoo Foundation)

Bachelor of Arts, Biology
Master of Marine Conservation
PhD, Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management

Kendra Thomas Travaille is a marine social scientist, with over seven years’ experience working in marine conservation, fisheries governance, and seafood certification. Kendra holds a Master’s degree in Marine Conservation from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) and a PhD from University of Western Australia. Kendra’s research has been published in leading scientific journals, including Fish and Fisheries and Global Environmental Change. Her experience includes developing fisheries policy, conducting ecological risk assessments, and designing and implementing fishery improvement initiatives to help fishery stakeholders unpack and work to address sustainability challenges. Kendra is currently the Research Manager for the Sustainable Fisheries program at the Minderoo Foundation, which is working to create a Global Fishing Index that will assess fisheries sustainability in maritime countries around the world.

Kendra Travaille