DARE Theme Lead – Applied Decisions


Dr Lamiae Azizi (University of Sydney)

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
PhD (Applied Mathematics)

Lamiae received a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Joseph Fourier University (France) and the French national research institute for the digital sciences (INRIA). Before joining USYD, Lamiae held the position of Senior-Statistician at the MRC-university of Cambridge (UK). She is a member of the Statistics research group at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the Deputy Champion for the Sydney Nano Grand challenge: “Computational Materials Discovery” and the USYD Ambassador for the NSW smart sensing network. Until February 2019, Lamiae acted as the Deputy Director for the centre of Translational Data Science (CTDS).

Her research interests are developing Probabilistic Machine learning (PML) for big data and complex systems. Lamiae’s contributions lie particularly in Bayesian nonparametrics, Graphical modelling and Variational methods. Her applied research ranges from Health to Engineering and recently to Materials and Nanotechnologies related challenges.