Senior Academic Domain Advisor


Professor Mark Jessell (University of Western Australia)

Bachelor of Science
Masters of Science
PhD (Geophysics)

Mark Jessell is a Professor and Western Australian Fellow at the Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia. Mark studied up to MSc level in the UK, then moved to the USA to do a PhD, went to Melbourne to do a Postdoc and take up a teaching and research position at Monash University before moving to Toulouse, France taking up a position with the Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement, before joining the University of Western Australia in 2013.

Mark’s scientific interests revolve around microstructure studies (the Elle platform), integration of geology and geophysics in 3D (the Loop/MinEx CRC project), and the tectonics and metallogenesis of the West African and Guyanese Cratons (WAXI & SAXI).

His recently completed Western Australian Fellowship was focused on improving the links between geological and geophysical data analysis in 3D via analysis of the geological and topological uncertainty.

Mark has extensive experience collaborating with the minerals sector though AMIRA International industry consortium funding for the WAXI and SAXI projects and the MinEx CRC; a partnership between industry and the Australian Government. Mark is also involved in a MRIWA industry/state government collaboration on the Paterson Orogen which is supported by funding from the ARC, MRIWA and industry.

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