PhD Candidate


Maryam Zeinolabedini Rezaabad (University of NSW)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Master of Water Management & Engineering

Maryam joined DARE as a PhD student in 2021. Her research interest is in using Data-Driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hydrological Modeling, Statistical/Mathematical Modelling and Remote Sensing in water and environment fields. Her current PhD involves working on water quality prediction using data science techniques.

She completed her Master’s degree at the Kerman Graduate University of Technology, Iran. Her Master’s thesis studied the impact of climate change on river flow by using AI and Global Climate Models (GCMs). After graduation, she worked on wastewater treatment plants and hydrology by using machine learning and optimisation techniques.

In 2019 she joined a research group in Copenhagen University, working in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management where she focused on drone-based data.