Partner Investigator


Nicholas Haskins (NSW Smart Sensing Network)

Master of Arts, International Relations

Nicholas Haskins is Chief Operating Officer of the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN). Joining the network in May 2018, he is responsible for implementing strategy, driving growth and managing the overall operations of the network.

Nicholas is an experienced network manager and was formerly General Manager of the Worldwide Universities Network – a global consortium of leading research universities. Prior to that he served as International Networks Manager at the University of Sydney, where he designed and operationalised the university’s global networks strategy.

Over a 20 year career that spans roles at UNSW, The University of Sydney and UTS, Nicholas brings to the NSSN an in-depth understanding of the NSW higher education and research landscape, and finely attuned skills in university administration, stakeholder engagement, communications and research development.

Nicholas Haskins