Chief Investigator


Dr Simon Luo (University of Sydney)

Bachelors of Engineering (Aeronautical)
Bachelors of Science (Computer Science)

Simon Luo is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Sydney. He received a Bachelors of Engineering (Aeronautical) and Bachelors of Science (Computer Science) in 2015 at The University of Sydney. Simon has recently submitted his PhD at The University of Sydney where he has made contributions in transfer learning, Bayesian non-parametric models, probabilistic graphical models and information geometry. His work has been published several top-tier venues such as AAAI and PAKDD and have been awarded the “Reviewers’ Choice Award” at INTERACT’17 and “The Brian Shackel Award” which is the most prestigious award in the field (awarded once every 2 years) for “the most outstanding contribution with international impact in the field of human interaction with computers and information technology”.

Simon Luo headshot_circle