DARE Centre Director


Professor R. Willem Vervoort (University of Sydney)

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
PhD (Field Hydrology)

Willem has a PhD in field hydrology from the University of Georgia in the US and Agricultural Engineering undergraduate degree from Wageningen University. He is the leading hydrologist at The University of Sydney and an expert in quantitative Hydrology and Catchment Management and simulation modelling. His main research focus is on sustainable water management to balance climate and human impacts. He has a specific interest in agricultural management and impacts.

Willem combines remote sensing, field data and simulation modelling to develop quantitative tools scaling from the field to the continent. Current projects include Bayesian model optimisation, multi-objective model optimisation, understanding model uncertainty in relation to observed water quality and quantity, and the use of satellite data to improve model structures and predictions. Recent work developed soil moisture predictions for Australia and water accounting tools from the field to the landscape.

Willem has extensive experience working with industry in projects with the Cotton industry, Grains industry, Icon water, and more recently with a European/Australian consortium of SME in the water value chain.

Willem has worked in Indonesia, Uruguay, Mexico and India, delivering capacity building programs and management advice. He is currently advising the Uruguayan Agricultural research institute on future research directions in water.