Recent Achievements – January 2021

A big congratulations to our talented and prolific CIs for their latest round of grants and publications:


Roman Marchant has been successful in LIEF grant for which he is a CI

Nyingarn: a platform for primary sources in Australian Indigenous languages

“This project aims to build Nyingarn, an online platform of digital text versions of early Australian language manuscripts with images of the original documents. There are over a thousand such documents that are foundational to understanding Australia’s languages, and Nyingarn aims to provide for ingesting and navigating such documents, with a means for adding more in future. Expected outcomes of this project are accessible sources useful for educational materials, for comparative work and for understanding the local language, its history, and its relationship to other languages. Nyingarn aims to create cutting-edge methods for ingesting, analysing, and presenting these historical materials, both for research and for the general public.”

This grant is administered by The University of Melbourne and other investigators of Sydney Uni include Prof Nick Enfield, Prof Jakelin Troy, A/Prof Myfany Trupin. Other participating universities are ANU, La Trobe, University of Adelaide and Edith Cowan University.


Ed Cripps

Statistical finite elements for misspecified models published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America (PNAS)


Glenda Wardle

Genetic differentiation can be predicted from observational data for reproductive but not vegetative traits in a widespread short-lived plant published in Ecology Letters


Lucy Marshall

Improving the Combination of Satellite Soil Moisture Data Sets by Considering Error Cross Correlation: A Comparison Between Triple Collocation (TC) and Extended Double Instrumental Variable (EIVD) Alternatives published in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Quantifying input uncertainty in the calibration of water quality models: reshuffling errors via the secant method published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences


Mark Lindsay

The evolution from plate margin to intraplate mineral systems in the Capricorn Orogen, links to prospectivity published in Ore Geology Reviews

Mineral systems prospectivity modelling for gold and nickel in the Halls Creek Orogen, Western Australia published in Ore Geology Reviews


Willem Vervoort

Climate change and other trends in streamflow observations in Australian forested catchments since 1970 published in Hydrological Processes

Building trust in SWAT model scenarios through a multi-institutional approach in Uruguay published in Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling