The Role of Data Science in Australian Universities – AMSI Review

Data Science is currently a broad term interpreted differently by different groups of people in society. For example, this can vary from deep machine learning and artificial intelligence or simple data management. DARE, therefore, agrees with The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) that it is timely and important to define Data Science.

The real strength of Data Science is its multidisciplinary nature that combines the closely related disciplines of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics with domain knowledge to solve wicked problems related to big data. 

As a multidisciplinary ARC Training Centre, DARE brings together academics across the disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and three applied domains, Minerals, Biodiversity and Water. Having delivered three semesters of teaching for PhD candidates in Probabilistic Models for Complex Data and Computational Inference for Machine Learning, DARE has developed a clear view of Data Science training. Here is DARE’s response to the Data Science Review & Survey organised by AMSI/SSA.